Waste Compactors

Our objective is to manufacture superior waste compactors having simplicity of operation, easy access to load refuse and remove bags, reliability, low maintenance and small deck space requirements. Our achievement of this objective is evidenced by the growing popularity of MAX Compactor equipment operating in domestic and remote areas around the world. The explosion-proof electric compactor models are standard and commonly used on drilling and production platforms, jack-up and semi-submersible rigs, workboats and ships. The equipment is field-proven worldwide and excels in performance. Each compactor unit features the highest quality components, oilfield-rugged unitized structure, certified construction materials and professional workmanship. Non-hazardous waste material is compacted into disposable, heavyduty, woven polypropylene bags for storage and transport. Filter and drum-crushing capabilities are also available.

Model MAX-20A MAX-20EX MAX-40A MAX-40EX
Container Capacity 20 cu ft 20 cu ft 40 cu ft 40 cu ft
Compaction Force 25000 lbs 25000 lbs 40000 lbs 40000 lbs
Power System Air / hydraulic Electric / hyd. Air / hydraulic Electric / hyd.
Cycle Time 56 sec 21 sec 66 sec 25 sec
Width 50” 50” 58” 58”
Depth 56” 56” 59” 59”
Height 103.5” 103.5” 112” 112”
Estimated Weight 3680 lbs 3680 lbs 4650 lbs 4650 lbs

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